Fascinated by different perspectives -- Rhys Kelly’s goal is to create something for you that is more than a piece of jewelry. Her goal is to create a piece of art that lives on for generations. Capturing the beauty and uniqueness within us all.

Why Eyes?

Rhys Kelly chose eyes as her main focus because she wants her customers to go home with a treasure to remind them of a loved one, to stay present, take a closer look at things, always consider the other persons perspective before judging, and to see with your soul rather than your mind.

*Each eye form is hand cast, and then painted with unimaginable detail and care.

*The pieces are made of precious metals, including silver, gold, and both precious and semi-precious gemstones - all reflecting what the wearer of the jewelry feels inside.

*Every jewelry piece carries it's own positive vibration so choose one that resonates with yours."

“In every eye lies the opportunity to see things from a unique perspective, free of judgment and full of good vibrations “

-Rhys Kelly