Eyes vs. Cameras

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In today's blog I wanted to talk about the similarities between Eyes and Cameras. 

Camera and Eye

I don't know about you, but I find it pretty interesting how the function of a camera correlates with how an eye operates. 

Now lets get confused/intrigued!


  • Both reverse a focused image onto a light sensitive surface. With cameras, they focus/reverse the image onto a sensor chip. With eyes, the image is focused/reversed onto the retina located inside of your eye. 


  • Both adjust based off the amount of light coming in. For eyes, the pupil adjusts. For cameras, the aperture adjusts. 
  • When seeing or taking photo in a dark setting, both the aperture and pupil get bigger. The bigger your pupil is, the more light/color you see. The bigger your camera's aperture is, the brighter the image turns out. The only difference is that with a camera, it may have to be on a tripod to get a clear image. 

Now obviously a camera is not as complex as an eyeball, but it's pretty close. Even the lens of a camera looks like an eye


  • Eyes are irreplaceable! Unlike cameras, we can't go to a store and pick out a fresh new set of eyes. Once your eyes are damaged, there are really not too many options on how to fix them. We've got lasik eye surgery or glasses, and lasik surgery eventually dissolves. 
  • Eyes reflect an image on a brain, which is smarter and able to comprehend the setting and have thoughts and emotions based off the image. Cameras reflect an image onto a "dumb" sensor.  



Anyways, those were some similarities and difference about eyes and cameras.

I could keep going on, but I don't want you to feel like your reading a high school project, haha! 
I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the next blog post 
-Rhys Kelly




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Mario Mcnair August 25, 2019

Super cool & interesting! Keep up the blogs! Love them <3

Lily Thomas February 25, 2019

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