4 supplements you need this Spring

Spring is rolling in, you can feel it in the air -- birds chirping, longer daylight hours, and of course the smell of fresh blooms. This new season is truly extraordinary, unless you fall victim to seasonal allergies that is.. If you’re looking for a way to nip your allergies in the butt, look no further with

4 must-have supplements for Spring

1. Vitamin D

Hello sunshine vitamin, we love you for so many reasons! This vitamin can seriously do  it all – as it’s essential to the function and maintenance of our immune system, mood, hormones, bone, skin health and more, but what’s lesser known is that it can offer protective benefits against those nasty seasonal allergies. Many studies have shown positive effects of vitamin D on allergy, asthma, lung function, airway responsiveness, and bronchodilator response, and therefore recommended as an innovative treatment for this common condition. You can find vitamin D just about anywhere, it’s easy to take and oh so effective. It’s recommended to take all year round, however you can amp up your intake throughout the Spring to increase its effects.   

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2. Vitamin C

This is one of the most essential nutrients in addition to vitamin D, but most people only think of it to prevent the common cold. However, in addition to providing immune protection, vitamin C also supports sinus and respiratory health, thanks to its abundance of antioxidants that help fight inflammation. This nutrient also offers antihistamine properties – meaning it can help fight common allergies symptoms such as: teary eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure and congestion by lowering your response to allergens. Making it the perfect option for allergy relief, if you don’t take this supplement daily, it’s time to refresh your routine!  

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3. Quercetin

This nutrient is found mostly in fruits, veggies, and bonus: wine! No, I'm not telling you to drink more wine, because a quercetin supplement is way more effective, BUT I had to throw it in there. You may or may not have heard about the power of quercetin when it comes to allergy relief, so let me tell you -- it works and it’s completely natural. How does it work you might be wondering? Quercetin helps block the release of histamine that causes inflammation, aka those unpleasant symptoms we experience as a response to allergens. Even more, it's well studied for its effectiveness, and recognized as a healthy natural alternative, therefore supplementation is a great preventative measure that can provide quick relief of your springtime allergies.     

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4. Collagen

Is the Spring supplement you didn’t know you needed! We love collagen for so many reasons *cough* its anti-aging magic, however this supplement works wonders on more than just your youth. In addition to boosting immunity, hair and skin health collagen has the ability to fight off inflammation and as mentioned, managing inflammation is critical to those who suffer from allergies and even more, if left untreated inflammation can become chronic causing other ailments or disease which is simply no good. Everything from pollution, to foods and stress for example can contribute to inflammation in the body, which is why it’s important to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods and supplements into your diet every single day. Luckily collagen supplements make it so easy to do just that, my favorite way to take it is in an unflavoured powder form with my morning matcha.

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