Bye-bye mercury retrograde.. Here's what's in store for October

Hallelujah, after a month of chaotic mishaps, Mercury retrograde has finally ended. Official as of October 2nd, we can close this chapter, move on to better things, and never look back!  

So, what’s in store for October you’re probably wondering? With the retrograde in the past, this month will be a turning point for many of those that have been feeling energetic burnout, or simply overwhelmed. Get ready for more clarity and transformations this month.

According to Forever Conscious, this is what we can energetically expect for October. 

October 2 ~ 8

We see Mercury station direct after being in retrograde for almost a month, bringing greater clarity.

October 8

Next, Pluto stations direct after being in retrograde since April, it is here that transformations are completed. 

October 9 ~ 17

Aries is now in full moon: this energy is strong, volatile, and confronting, but has the ability to trigger profound healing and release. 

October 17 ~ 19

Arcturus gateway: the high frequency cosmic portal is now in full effect, supporting abundance and spiritual awakening, calling you to come home to your true self. 

October 22

Venus aligns with the sun, transforming into an evening star. Venus star point connects us to the heart and soul, bringing about love, helping you shine deep within.

October 23 ~ 25

As Scorpio season now begins, Saturn stations direct after being in retrograde since June, which means karmic gifts will start to emerge (watch out baddies).

October 25 ~ 30

With Scorpio's new moon in a solar eclipse, the eclipse portal is now open, bringing leaps in our soul evolution. When we move through eclipse portals we tend to experience new beginnings, which means doors will close, but don’t worry, while doors are closing, better ones are opening. 

October 30

Sluggish energy will start to arise as Mars retrograde begins, this is the perfect time to reassess our motivations, and aspirations -- don't fight it! Take advantage of it and use this as an excuse for self-care or spending time to just chill with your closest friends. 

October 31

Happy Halloween.. With the moon in Taurus, now is the perfect time to focus on stability and calmness (after you partied all Halloween of course). Be mindful, move slow, stay grounded and enjoy the comfort in your life.


“Astrology is one of the oldest and most accurate tools known to mankind.”

—Chris Flisher

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