Could your chakras be trying to tell you something?

Changes in behaviour, emotions, and even energy may be an indication that your energetic pathways are off balance.

Energy pathways are more commonly known as chakras or chakra system, and a blockage within this system can therefore create tightness in the body’s tissues and restrict the flow of energy impacting these changes.

Think you might be a candidate? Check out these warning signs!

Top five warning signs your chakras may be off balance

  1. Something feels “off.”
  2. You get sick.
  3. You get sick. Again.
  4. You start making silly mistakes.
  5. Everything seems to be falling apart.

If you said yes to one or more of these warning signs, you may need to bring attention to what’s happening deep inside.

Chakras are like batteries, sometimes they need recharging because they become blocked or “run out of power” due to common problems like stress, and emotional or physical factors.

Fortunately there is a solution, but it’s no “quick fix” since balancing your chakras can take effort! However, understanding each one of them will allow you to indicate where the blockages are and how to restore them.

So let’s explore the chakra system and learn how to clear any potential blockages to free your energy.

What are chakras? The word chakra when translated directly from Hindi, means “wheel of spinning energy.”

These chakras are considered an internal energy powerhouse, running from the root of our spine to the crown over our heads. This system is made up of seven different chakras regulating all parts of the bodily system. Each withhold different purposes, characteristics, colours and elements. According to The Law of Attraction, chakras influence everything from emotional processing to resistance to disease


1. Root Chakra: Located at the base of the spine, associated with the colour red — this chakra is connected to the element of the earth and represents being grounded and physical survival ie: safety, security.

Blockages may look like: feeling ungrounded, unsafe, paranoia, fear, defensiveness.

How to rebalance this chakra:

  • Connect with earth: hiking, walk in the grass barefoot
  • Eat red foods: cherries, raspberries, tomatoes
  • Wear red clothing

2. Sacral Chakra: Located within the sacrum, hips and sexual organs, associated with the colour orange — this chakra is connected to the element of water and represents emotions, senses, creativity, and pleasure.

Blockages may look like: obsessive behaviour, emotional, no creativity, feeling easily overwhelmed

How to rebalance this chakra:

  • Connect with water: take a bath, swim, spend time near the water
  • Eat orange foods: carrots, mandarins, mangoes, yams
  • Wear orange clothing
  • Get creative: dance, paint, draw, play music
  • Stretch your hips

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Located in the abdomen, associated with the colour yellow — this chakra is connected to the element of fire and represents emotional feelings and the personal relationship with yourself.

Blockages may look like: abdominal pain, low self-esteem, big ego, commitment issues, inability to complete goals

How to rebalance:

  • Connect with fire: burn incense or sage, sit by the fire, light a candle
  • Eat yellow foods: bananas, lemons, yellow beets
  • Wear yellow clothing
  • Strengthen and stretch your abdomen

4. Heart Chakra: Located at your heart, associated with the colour green — this chakra is connected to the element of air and represents love both giving and receiving, compassion, and peace.

Blockages may look like: chest pain, heart problems, inability to give or receive love, lack of compassion

How to rebalance this chakra:

  • Connect with air: practice deep breathing, go outside and breathe in fresh air
  • Practice loving meditation
  • Use words of affirmation towards others
  • Practice self-love and care
  • Eat green foods: spinach, green apples, cucumber
  • Wear green clothing

5. Throat Chakra: Located at your throat, associated with the colour light blue — this chakra is connected to the element of sound and represents communication, your voice, and expression.

Blockages may look like: sore throat or infection, talking too much, problems communicating one’s needs with others, inability to speak up or set boundaries

How to rebalance this chakra:

  • Connect with sound: listen to music, sign or chant
  • Use essential oils like frankincense, peppermint or eucalyptus
  • Drink soothing tea like lemon, ginger or peppermint
  • Eat blue foods: blueberries, blue corn
  • Wear the colour blue

6. Third Eye Chakra: Located at the center of your forehead between your eyes, associated with the colour indigo — this chakra is connected to the element of light and represents knowing, thought, question and perception.

Blockages may look like: lack of inspiration, brain fog, headaches, selective memory, depression, nightmares, narrow focus

How to rebalance this chakra:

  • Meditate or practice yoga with your eyes closed
  • Get consistent and restful 8 hour sleep
  • Eat dark blue/purple foods: purple yams, eggplant, grapes
  • Wear the colour indigo

7. Crown Chakra: Located at the top of your head, associated with the colour violet — this chakra is not connected to any of the elements as it exists within us developed only by thought, understanding and mindfulness. The crown represents enlightenment, self-realization and bliss connecting us beyond earth to heaven and the above.

Blockages may look like: constant drama, migraines, chronic fatigue, unable to concentrate, sensitivity to light

How to rebalance this chakra:

  • Reflect in silence
  • Drink herbal decaf tea
  • Practice inverted yoga poses
  • Wear the colour violet

Here is a powerful mantra you can repeat to maintain the free flow of energy throughout all of your chakras..

“I am divine
I see clearly
I speak clearly
I am loved
I am powerful
I am creative
I am grounded”

Overall it’s important to note that healthy eating, meditation and yoga are key practices for releasing trapped energy and keeping your chakras balanced. Remember the goal is to create harmony so you can return back to your normal, wonderful self, so try out different techniques and find what works best for you!

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