How to be still in a time of uncertainty

By / Brand Storyteller in LA

I, like many of you reading this right now, have been moving in and out of states of anxiety. The collective energy (or some refer to it as consciousness) is going through a massive purge right now. 


The virus triggered deep feelings that many people had not yet processed. Traumas from the past that they had not yet allowed to be seen. Many were playing a part. 


They assumed a persona and stuck with it all through childhood, schooling and their career. No one ever told them it was OK to stop, take a breath, center themselves. 


So, many did not. 


“In most of our human relationships,

 we spend much of our time reassuring

 one another that our costumes of identity 

are on straight” 


-Ram Das


This type of global pandemic is something we have not seen in modern history. Many that I talk to are not necessary worried about getting the virus -- rather they are worried about the looming cloud of uncertainty. 


We are seeing fellow humans hoarding supplies, going on rants on social media, or expressing fear in countless other ways. It’s impossible to be on the internet without feeling someone’s anxiety. 


This is a GOOD sign. This means people are finally processing feelings they had buried for years. This is progress.


There are many many lessons to be learned during this time. The two biggest (in my opinion) is to simply practice stillness and feel feelings 


When you practice stillness you realize the beliefs you once held onto so strongly no longer have power over you. This could have been a belief that you had to stay at a job that was making you miserable. Or a belief that you had to stay in a relationship that was unsatisfying.


Whatever those limiting beliefs were -- they are now surfacing in order for you to process. How you are wired to process is going to be different than anyone else. The most important thing to do is get to a place where you can hear yourself think. 


Do not try and force stillness on yourself as this will only cause more tension. Merely setting the intention is enough. One way to start is to give yourself a short period of time (daily) to be completely alone. 


Find a spot in your apartment, home, or take a walk with headphones. I recommend listening to high frequency sounds and letting your thoughts roam. 


Observe your thoughts. Most likely you’ll hear a lot of worry and panic. And that is okay. You are allowed to feel worry and panic and any other emotion. Feeling it does not make you attract more of it. 


When this clicks, stillness will come to you and you will feel somewhat of a separation from your thoughts. This is a critical moment as more feelings will start to come up for you to experience (anxiety, sadness etc.) Instead of shutting those feelings out, allow yourself to feel them. 


They are each there to show you something about yourself. I cannot tell you exactly what that is, as this is a highly subjective process. Only YOU will know exactly what you are being shown. 


This process is called transmuting.


Once you have begun the process of transmuting all those feelings that are not fun to feel, you have done more work on yourself than you can even imagine. 


The ego will tell you to avoid dealing with these uncomfortable energies altogether. 

It will give you a never ending list of things to do during this downtime. Or, it might paralyze you with fear instead of allowing you to process it. 


Many are taking this time to work within the physical realm. Things related to finances and the home. It’s being viewed as a time to “get things done”.


And, while I agree it’s a significant time in our lives, we must take this moment that Earth has given us to pause, look within and ask “who am I?”


You’ll find that all along you were whole, complete, healed and loved. You just couldn’t see it with all the energetic clutter you had in your life distracting you.


In the stillness you will see more.

In the stillness you will hear more.

In the stillness you will discover your true self.




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