Rituals to embrace the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is a transformative time of year, this brings us to the halfway period between winter and summer. It is celebrated all throughout the world in many cultures both present day with modern rituals used to cleanse old energies making space for new energy to enter, and ancient times, where traditional folk rituals were believed to possess magical powers. Although some of these rituals have shifted throughout the centuries this time of year remains magical for those wanting to harness bright new energies.

This beautiful cycle of the new season brings about more sun that shines for longer each day, reminding us light always returns back to us. The powerful new energies of Spring offer a fresh beginning, which is the perfect time to construct new intentions –- out with the old, in with the new!   

What is an Equinox? 

An Equinox is a special moment in time that only happens twice a year: Spring (March 21st) and Fall (September 22nd), when the sun crosses the earth’s equator making it night and day all over the earth.

The word Equinox comes from the Latin words aequi, which means "equal," and nox, which means "night." The vernal also known as Spring equinox is considered the first day of Spring: finally, the day and night are of equal length.

Are you ready to take advantage of this new equinox? 

Powerful rituals to honour the Equinox

Connect with nature

Spend uninterrupted time outside away from your phone and all other distractions. Take this time to appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer and the beautiful blooms that only come with Spring. Lay in the grass, go for a hike, hug a tree, or feel like a kid again and try climbing a tree, anything that connects you with the outdoors will help you honour the new changes.

Create an altar 

Out with the old, in with the new! This is the perfect opportunity to create a new altar so you can get a fresh start on the new season.

Spring-themed altar ideas:

  • Using pastel colors: yellow, green, blue
  • Picking flowers: daffodils, tulips, daisies
  • Herbs: sage, thyme, mint, rosemary 
  • Fruits: cherries, kiwi, lemon, and any type of seed
  • Money and coins
  • Handwritten prayers

Manifest your future

Set your intentions and send your prayers out to the universe. Manifest all the things you wish to come for the new season and beyond, meditation is also a great way to embrace the Spring Equinox.

Plant something

The Spring Equinox is a great time to plant or prepare a garden, if it’s still a bit chilly out, brainstorm how you want to set up your garden and what types of things you would like to grow.


"Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is."

Jessica Harrelson

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