Spiritual cleansing for Spring

Mother earth is finally beginning to brighten and warm up as we enter the Spring equinox, after what felt like a very long and wet winter! This time of year marks the celebration of growth and new possibilities. 

As cliche as it sounds to get started on your Spring cleaning, there is another type of cleansing we should all be practicing in our lives, one that is lesser known and equally as important to start during this new equinox.. 

Say hello to your new Spring ritual -- spiritual cleansing!

What is spiritual cleansing you might be asking yourself? It’s a practice of purifying the mind, body and spirit from negative energy.

This type of purification is used to promote positive energy and clear any blockages within the chakra system that may be causing you imbalance. 

"Out with the old, in with the new!"

Benefits to spiritual cleansing

  • Strengthen and recharge the soul
  • Promote calmness and inner peace
  • Bring clarity, balance and insight to your life

7 soul cleansing rituals

  1. Aromatherapy | using essential oils like lavender, peppermint, bergamot and eucalyptus can help purify your aura, plus clear away stress and negative vibes.
  2. Smudging with sage | this ancient practice is used to clear the air and remove all negative energy, this is a powerful way to cleanse your personal space from unwanted energies.
  3. Crystal healing | this form of healing is also a sacred and ancient practice using specific crystals to help release hidden physical and mental energies we harness. There are many crystals which can be powerfully cleansing, here are some of the most common: tiger eye, amethyst, agate, and apatite. Hot tip -- wearing crystal jewelry is also an effective way to cleanse your soul. 
  4. Connecting with nature | this may sound simple, but it’s powerful on the soul. Nature has a way of purifying and calming the body (thanks trees), there are many ways to connect with nature such as taking a hike, bird watching, walking along the beach or visiting your local botanical garden.
  5. Spiritual bath | taking a hot salt bath is the perfect way to draw out unwanted energies from the body. Himalayan salt contains precious minerals that help balance the body and remove negative energy. 
  6. Chanting mantras | find a safe space where you can really use your voice, this ancient pratice has been long used to achieve a state of peace and spiritual awakening. Mantras allow you to tap into the power of the divine. Clear your heart, awaken your mind and open your heart with a daily mantra practice.
  7. Karma yoga | this type of yoga is the practice of selfless service – acting without expectation, reward or attachment. Selfless service allows us to let go of the ego and help others, it can be extremely rewarding and in return create much joy, happiness and peace within. 

The takeaway

Spiritual cleansing is an effective way to rid the body of spiritual toxins that build up over time. It allows us to pause and deeply connect with the divine and our true self. It can have long lasting effects if done properly and with the right intention. It’s an apprirpate practice for anyone who is looking to get rid of old patterns, cleanse their body of negatvitiy, or simply want a better outlook on life. Plus theres no better time to start these rituals with the Spring equinox in full effect.  

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