Trusting your intuition

In the unconscious mind comes a plethora of unexplainable knowledge, hidden deep within called your intuition, and yes we all have it, but not everyone listens! That “gut feeling” you get is really your intuition calling and this gives us the ability to understand things immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Although it's not magic, it can sure feel that way sometimes.  

Where does intuition come from

Intuition may rely on something called pattern-matching, Psychologists believe. This theory of pattern-matching is believed to be dependent on past situations stored in our long-term memory used for present spur of the moments judgements (aka our intuitive feelings). Intuition is considered to be a sixth sense, although defined differently, they are synonymous with one and other. A sixth sense is the power of perception independent of the five senses, whereas intuition is defined as an immediate knowing without the use of rational process.     

Should you always trust your gut

Although our intuition can be accurate, it’s not always a sure thing. Therefore, it’s important to tread lightly when making important decisions based on your instincts alone. However, there are certain situations where intuition is usually right, such as: first impressions, danger, and deception for example. Whenever you receive a gut feeling try to remind yourself it’s simply your body’s way of sending you a message, and by trusting your body and your instincts you will become more aware and aligned on the path you're destined for.  

Can some people be more intuitive than others

Yes it’s true, certain people may be instinctively more intuitive than others. Many researchers believe there are differences in someone who possesses a broad intuitive ability. One of the primary reasons some people have a stronger intuition is because they trust and listen to their gut, whereas other less intuitive people ignore or doubt it. 

4 things intuitive people do differently 

  1. Slow down and listen to their inner voice
  2. Follow and trust their gut 
  3. Meditate and practice mindfulness
  4. Manifest their dreams into reality 

Its been said your intuition can be very efficient if you don’t think about it too much! Research has shown intuition to be faster than self-reflection and more accurate. Intuition is something we sense, not see, but oftentimes it can be overlooked through overthinking, therefore causing our subconscious to question our unconscious mind. This can negatively impact our instincts by confusing our thoughts with our unconscious feelings, which may end up leading us in the wrong direction. 

The benefits of living more intuitively

Judith Orloff, a renowned Psychiatrist and author believes there are many benefits associated with listening to your gut in regards to mental health and well-being. She credits living more intuitively to staying in the present moment, which therefore improves stress and anxiety. Additionally, living more intuitively can also help with better decision making, spark more creativity and enhance self-knowledge! 

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