What color is your aura?

Our aura is an energy field that radiates outside the body, it's emitted by low level EMFs, this occurs because humans are conductors which allows electricity to flow freely.  

Your aura can be a rainbow of colors, from red, orange, or yellow, to green, blue, violet or indigo. This vibrant halo of colors reflect your emotional, mental, and spiritual states.

Each aura color corresponds to a different chakra, and once you discover your own you can deepen your self-knowledge and have a view and understanding on how others see you. 

Ancient medicine systems believe that this energy correlates to a different element of your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

 “Knowing your aura can be a powerful way to connect to yourself and your ideas”

What each color represents

Red: Passion and vitality, individuals with a red aura are often driven, energetic, and determined. They have a strong will and a desire to make things happen, even the impossible.

Blue: Calmness and depth, a blue aura tends to represent people who are intuitive, sensitive, and great communicators. They often have a calming presence and deeply understand others.

Green: Healing and balance, those with a green aura are nurturing, harmonious, and possess a natural love for nature. They have a strong sense of inner peace and have a way of bringing people together.

Yellow: Intellect and creativity, a yellow aura indicates individuals with an analytical mind, enjoy learning, and a have positive outlook. They are very kind and often inspire others with their ideas.

Purple: Spiritual awareness and wisdom, people with a purple aura have a connection to their inner selves. They have a strong sense of purpose and do well in areas that require deep insight.

Orange: Creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. These people are typically social butterflies, that enjoy connections and new experiences. They have a warm and magnetic personality.

Indigo: Deep spiritual awareness and sensitivity. People with an indigo aura possess a strong intuition and are drawn to spiritual practices. They often seek purpose and meaning in life, and oftentimes feel a disconnect to the physical world.

Violet: Wisdom, intuition, and a connection to higher realms. People with a violet aura are often visionaries and dreamers.

White: Purity, divine connection, and a spiritual presence. Those with a white aura are believed to be in tune with their higher selves, they radiate healing energy. 


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