10 signs you're dealing with a self-centered person and what to do about it

You have probably encountered one, if not many friends, or acquaintances in life who continuously make everything about themselves, possessing little regard for anything outside of their own world. These type of people can be toxic, they have no awareness regarding the impact their actions and words have on others.

Want to know if someone is self-centered and how to deal with it? Just follow these signs and tips! 

 10 signs you’re dealing with a self-centered person

  1. They take and don’t give back
  2. They use other people to get what they want
  3. They have one-sided conversations
  4. They think they’re above following the rules
  5. They tend to be controlling
  6. They don’t consider others 
  7. They can’t take feedback or constructive criticism 
  8. They care more about superficial qualities 
  9. They interrupt others while they’re speaking 
  10. They think they’re better than others  

How to deal with a self-centered person


This is the first and most important rule when dealing with self-centered, ego driven people. Setting boundaries shows them you’re confident and will not tolerate being told what to do, therefore you control the situation and can interact with them on your terms too, not just theirs. 

Examples of setting healthy boundaries: 

  • If you have plans with them, or are stuck on the phone with them, let the person  know you are only available to hang out or talk for a (short) specific period of time
  • When speaking with them try to redirect the conversation by bringing up topics that interest you, or simply ending the conversation     


Reduce the amount of time you see and speak to these type of people, and when you do keep your interactions positive and light.   


The truth will set you free! There may be a chance a self-centered person is completely unaware of their actions and behaviors and how they affect others, if that’s the case all it takes is vocalizing your concerns. If that route doesn’t work, at least you can say you tried and now they know your true feelings, so the ball is in their court, how they decide to move forward is up to them.    


If someone is no longer serving you and you’ve exhausted all your options to make the relationship work, it might be time to cut the cord. You will notice in life, when one door closes, another door opens, with that being said removing toxic people in your life will open doors to better and healthier relationships you will truly appreciate, learn from your experience going forward and look out for any of these red flags listed above when allowing new people in your life! 


"Don't be self-centered

instead be the center of love, kindness, and support for others" 

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