Using houseplants to refresh and restore your home this spring

Calling all plant lovers and newbies: the spring trend is in and it’s all about houseplants. 

These babies are known to brighten up any space, but contrary to popular belief, houseplants offer so much more than just their beautiful aesthetic. These humble pieces of nature that allow us to bring the outdoors inside our home also contain powerful properties that can improve both physical and mental wellness. If you’re looking to refresh and elevate your home environment this spring, houseplants are the answer! 

There is no doubt plants are pure magic, from invoking inspiration throughout the world to helping us heal, cleansing our environment and more, plants are helping us inside and outside of the home. According to Nasa’s research houseplants can remove up to 87% of airborne toxins in 24 hours. How can a plant do that? It’s much more simple than you may think, plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which is essentially the opposite of breathing, therefore freshening up the air while eliminating unwanted toxins, which is especially helpful for indoor spaces. 

As you can see, plants don’t just brighten the room, their versatility is infinite! Countless studies have shown that indoor plants can improve concentration and productivity by a whopping 15%, but it doesn’t stop there. While they can help increase mental focus, plants are equally as effective at helping boost mood, reduce stress levels and promote better sleep, which makes for the perfect addition to any home or work office.  

Science-backed benefits of indoor plants

  1. Purify the air 
  2. Reduce stress levels
  3. Accelerate illness related recovery 
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Allergy relief 
  6. Improve mood
  7. Induce more restful sleep 

What’s there not to love? With spring right around the corner there’s no better time to refresh and renew your living space with a plant or five (haha), but choosing the perfect plant can be overwhelming, so we broke down the latest trendy plants that offer all these great benefits and more!

Elevate any space in your home with these

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