5 TikTok hacks that actually work

The top 5 tried-and-true TikTok hacks of the recent years that will help make your life a little easier
and leave you saying "I was today years old when.."  
An absolute lifesaver for those who aren't good at styling their own hair
or are simply lazy when they get out of the shower (for me it's both)!
Say hello to the perfect cat eye with this easy bobby pin trick
to help you actually achieve evenly winged eyeliner on both eyes!
-- works best with liquid liner 
All I can say is.. wow. How were we not made aware of this sooner?
I guess there's no more lost noodles with this hack.
The tastiest coffee recipe on TikTok and it's SO easy!
I promise you will be craving this one.
"I was today years old when"

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