Here's what Gemini season has in store for you

As the sun enters our favourite (or maybe not so favourite) symbolic twins – Gemini, we turn and wave bye-bye to Taurus season, in hopes this new Mercury retrograde is on our side!

Gemini is an air sign, and third in line of the astrological season, it's ruled by teeny tiny Mercury. This planet is known as the ruler of communication, connection, travel and technology -- hence why we experience chaos in these areas during a Mercury retrograde. Although this planet is small, it will have a mighty impact on daily interactions due to its chatty and energetic nature. So, whether or not you’re a Gemini, there's no better time to harness this powerful Gemini energy and benefit from increased energy, communication, curiosity, adventure, new ideas and information. 

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What to know

  • Speak your truth
  • Release all control
  • Let intuition your guide you 
  • Be very open and receptive 
  • Explore and stay curious
  • Allow your childlike wonder to come out and play 
  • Take advantage of making meaningful connections this month
  • Let your energy flow free: it will feel lighter and increased this season

    How to deal when things get rough

    • Don’t let the spicy energy you feel this season get the best of you 
    • Try not to control things and allow them to flow freely as they pass by
    • Allow your attention, thoughts and any structure in your life to be crazy and unorthodox   

    ♊ ♊ ♊ ♊

    A ritual to harness this Gemini seasons energy

    Start the season off right with a magical candle ritual designed to attract the right energy to make your goals and dreams achievable for a successful year!

    What you need: white candle + pen + paper + quartz crystal

          How to practice this ritual:

          Step 1: Find a quiet dark room, set up your meditation station and light your white candle.

          Step 2: Get close to the candle’s flame and allow yourself to be comfortable in its presence.

          Step 3: Prepare your paper, pen and crystal to write out your Gemini season intentions. 

          Step 4: Perform this energy healing work on yourself prior to writing out your intentions to set the mood and attract the correct energy for this ritual:

          Rub your hands together and imagine you are generating a positive, light, healing energy. 

          Once you feel heat between your palms, place both your hands on your belly and take 3-4 deep breaths in and out. As you breathe, visualize your hands healing and recharging your body.

          Move your hands up to your heart center and repeat another 3-4 breaths. Then move your hands up to your third eye area and repeat another 3-4 breaths.

          Finally, place both your hands on the top of your head and repeat another 3-4 breaths.-Forever Conscious

          Step 5: Once you’ve completed this quick energy work, start writing out your intentions as they flow to your brain. Remember not to overthink or force any thought, harness the lightly flowing Gemini energy and write continuously without judging yourself!  

          Step 6: After you’re finished writing everything out, summarize your thoughts into one clear and concise sentence and write it out on a separate piece of paper. Then use this piece of paper to reflect on and motivate yourself daily.

          ♊ ♊ ♊ ♊

          Out with the old, in with the new..

          Gemini season has a nature of change to it, of clearing out stagnant energy and bringing in the new." 

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