Decoding colour symbolism in your dreams

Dreaming in colour?

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that colour plays a significant role in our waking lives, but as it turns out.. colours hold symbolic meaning in dreamland too.

Colours can behave like messengers from our subconscious mind while we’re asleep. By paying close attention to the colours we see in our dreams and knowing their meaning we can gain a deeper understanding of our dreams. 

Unveiling the spectrum in your dreams

Red | The most dominant of the spectrum, this colour signifies strong emotions like passion, love, jealousy, or anger. When you see this colour in your dreams it is urging you to explore these strong emotions and take action in your life.

Yellow | Hello yellow, this fun and bright colour symbolizes happiness, optimism and intellectual stimulation. When you see it, just know this is a positive sign, representing clarity of thought, and knowledge. Yellow is encouraging you to seek fun new opportunities and embrace your creative side.

Pink | This romantic colour signifies love, compassion, and tenderness. It’s a sign to tap into your femininity and embrace your nurturing side. Dreaming in pink is a message from your subconscious mind to find your inner harmony and balance, and enjoy the sweetness of life.

Blue | This cool colour is on the sensitive side of the spectrum, evoking tranquility, and calmness. Blue symbolizes peace, and wisdom. When you see this colour in your dreams, it is a nudge for you to look introspectively at your emotional healing and desire for serenity throughout the challenges of life.

White | The purest of the colours on the spectrum, which of course represents purity, innocence and even new beginnings. Dreaming in white can signify a fresh start, clarity and openness. When you see white just know it’s a message encouraging you to release the past and embrace a whole new transformation. 

Purple | The colour of spirituality, intuition and inner wisdom. Purple symbolizes mystery and is a calling to explore the unknown, inviting you to tap into your psychic abilities and trust your instinct so you can embark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Green | This vibrant colour reflects growth, success, and harmony. Typically, green can signify a connection with nature, abundance and renewal. Dreaming in green is a message of encouragement to nurture your beloved relationships, embrace your personal growth and find stability in the midst of everything.

Orange | This bold colour represents energy, excitement and enthusiasm. Dreaming in orange is an invitation to take a new approach to life, filled with joy, excitement and creativity in new endeavors. 

The takeaway

Every colour carries its own meaning. Colour awareness can guide us towards self-discovery, emotional healing, and personal growth. Whether it's passionate red, harmonious green, or vibrant orange, dream colours serve as gateways to understanding our deepest fears, desires, and aspirations. By paying close attention to the colours in our dreams, we maintain self-awareness that can help unlock the profound wisdom hidden within our dreams. Broaden your awareness, and embrace the palette of your dreams, by allowing these colours to guide you towards a more vibrant and fulfilling waking life!

"Dream in colour"

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