How to become a morning person

Say hello to your new friend – the early morning hours! This is the only time when most of the world is still asleep, which means your day begins with endless possibilities.   

If you’re tired of constantly waking up groggy and hitting that snooze button, or rushing around every morning, this is for you.

Becoming a morning person 101: the first step in starting a successful am routine is to create one you actually look forward to! 

Think about what excites you in the morning time? Is it that first sip of coffee, the sound of birds chirping? Maybe it’s your daily meditation, walking your pup or morning workout. Whatever your things are, find a way to incorporate them into your mornings to create a sustainable routine that makes you happy about starting each day.

Once you commit to the following, becoming a morning person will certainly be in your grasp.

Here's how to transform your mornings..

Plan the night before 

Preperation makes perfect! An hour before bedtime plan out how you can make your mornings more organized and less stressful. Think about how you want to start your day, then establish how to make those things convenient and achievable. For example, say you want to drink a smoothie each morning for breakfast, prep your ingredients the night before in the fridge or freezer so you can easily pop them in your blender and move on to the next task!

Wake up to natural light

Sleep with your blinds open, or purchase an alarm clock that wakes you up with natural light instead of that harsh alarm jolting you awake every morning. Embracing natural light brings tranquility to each morning rather than abruptness, which will help set the tone for each day and also balance out your circadian rhythm. 

Cut off the caffeine after lunchtime 

If you’re a coffee drinker and struggle with tossing and turning at night, your favourite cup of joe could be the culprit. Cutting your caffeine intake after lunch will allow your body and mind to unwind naturally helping you to sleep better at night. Swap your afternoon coffee for something less caffeinated like a peppermint tea, or lemonade. Although it might not seem like it, this small change will make all the difference in not only your sleep, but your mood and energy.   

Optimize your sleep environment

Create a zen atmosphere in your bedroom to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up feeling refreshed instead of wanting to hit the snooze button. 

  • Invest in cozy bedding like 100% cotton or silk blends
  • Eliminate distractions before bed 
  • Replace screen time with activities that promote sleep like reading, or journaling
  • Fall asleep to relaxing music like beach waves, or rain sounds

Stay consistent, even on weekends

Consistenecy is the key to a successful routine (that means weekends too)! Remember that practice makes perfect, and it takes 21 days for something to become an actual routine we’ve adapted to. Plan out the next 21 mornings of your life to watch your days and mood transform! 

"The early morning hours, when most of the world is still asleep, and your day begins with endless possibilities.."


The takeaway

Becoming a morning person takes commitment and consistency, but the rewards are well worth it. As you embrace the early hours, you'll find yourself more focused, productive, and ready to seize the day. By establishing your specific routine, you'll unlock the potential of the morning hours and find you have so much more time in each day. So, rise and shine, the world is your oyster! 

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