Have you ever wondered if fairies exist?

Well you’re not alone!

People often question if fairies are the same as angels because they are both inter-dimensional beings that live in a realm between realms. The two occupy the same etheric energies of the earth and nature. However, fairies exist on a separate vibrational level and are sent here to serve a different role. Their specific roles revolve around nurturing, serving and taking care of mother earth. For this reason fairies are much closer to the earth's plane in comparison to angels.

Fairies are known to be mythical and magical creatures found in the folklore of many European cultures, often defined as a supernatural force, which begs the question.. are fairies real? Well truth be told, we believe in them and here's why you should too!

Why aren’t fairy sightings more common? 

Unfortunately, modern society has developed a much more logical awareness, meaning we are less open to the spiritual realm in a regular state of consciousness. However, this does not mean fairy realms are not accessible to humans, it means opening the door to a higher consciousness will take time, patience. practice and effort to achieve. 

There was a time not long ago when humanity was more perceptive of the etheric energies of the earth, and could see and regularly interact with the faerie realms. This is why there is such a great abundance of faerie lore that is strikingly similar from a number of different vultures and traditions.

What are the most common types of fairies?

The fairy types listed below are those that people are most likely to encounter:

  • Pixies
  • Brownies
  • Gnomes
  • Elves
  • Leprechauns 
  • Sylphs
  • Pyrausta

Some definitions claim that fairies are invisible beings or spirits, but this theory changes throughout different traditions and parts of the world. While some claim they are invisible, others claim to see fairies that resemble Tinkerbell, with white hair and bright eyes, others may describe a dragonfly-like appearance with thin arms and legs, however fairies come in all different bodies, forms, shapes and colours like being seen as sparkles, or a blurry bright light.

Multiple sources have recently come forward and are making top headlines, claiming to have real-life photographs of fairies which appear to look like Tinkerbell!

The Daily Mail reports University Lecturer, John Hyatt who is claiming to have photographed fairies flying through the air in the British Countryside. He says these photos (pictured below) are unaltered and prove these things exist in Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. 

John captured these images using his iPhone and he is one of the many people who have reported a fairy sighting, and were actually able to capture such a magical moment! So are you a believer yet? I like to think these images speak for themselves, but there's more where that came from!

Debbie Garland, 55 is another source who has claimed to have spotted "ten or more of these mythical creatures playing in the woods." Metro News reports she captured these few images using her smartphone (pictured below). Debbie claims she was even more convinced after studying these unaltered photos and goes on to say "there is just no explanation" and that she is a firm believer in her fairy sighting. 

Can you blame Debbie? People are totally entitled to believing what they want to believe, and she is not backing down or worried if others don't believe her! Sometimes when you feel it or just know, you know and there's no rational explanation for it! 

According to Ask Angels, when fairies meet you, they will judge you based on your energy signature, and on how you treat Nature, and they will then act accordingly. If your energy is aligned with love, you'll likely only meet fairies of the light, and they'll be gentle, uplifting and loving. But if you're in fear, doubt, and uncertainty while disrespecting nature, the fairies you attract may present you with some tough lessons. They are also known to be tricksters and can mislead those who abuse mother nature, but brushing this bad rep aside, their mission is dedicated to the earth by helping guide, mentor and nurture both plants and animals.  

Have you ever heard of or seen fairy dust? This can be felt or seen when a fairy is coming or going and is a gentle and sparkly reminder that they are all around us! This gleaming powder can also provide magical dreams, or events to happen.  

“Fairies remind us of the magic contained in all of life, especially within the natural world.”  

Here’s how can you experience real fairies

  • Help nature
  • Connect with nature: trees, water and mother earth
  • Radiate love and spread magic
  • Practice spiritual growth and positive energy 

Fairy sightings happen in nature by the ocean, in gardens and forests. Once you are ready to tap into your higher consciousness and come face to face with real life magic, guide yourself to one of these peaceful places and maybe you will be lucky enough to experience the magic too! 


I never believed in fairies till I started seeing them in my videos.
It is freaking amazing. It been during my Spiritual growth ✨️

Lori Lane March 30, 2024

It seems likely they are interdimensional beings that live here on earth, but are hard for us to see since they can move through a 4th dimension that we cannot.

sund March 09, 2024

i like faries. they r cool

alexa October 14, 2023

I do those things and birds, animals, and children seem to gravitate towards me … how do i grow more spiritually to heighten my awareness of the ethereal realm … Crows visit me and call out when i say hello too

Patrice Ali August 31, 2023


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