How to find your Ikigai

Living your Ikigai

Ikigai is a combination of two japanese words “iki” (生き) meaning “life,” and “gai” (甲斐) a word used to describe worth or value, hence ikigai is defined as the value of life, or life worth. In Japanese culture, your Ikigai is about finding happiness through your life’s purpose, it’s what gets you excited from the moment you wake up to help keep you going in life.   

This concept is said to be the best kept secret to a long and a happy life! It teaches you how to live with more purpose, therefore help you bring more meaning and fulfillment to your life. 

Let's break it down

Your Ikigai can be broken down into the following:

  • The reason you get out of bed
  • The thing you live for
  • Your reason for being
  • What makes life worthwhile 
  • What gives you a sense of fulfilment 

= Your reason for existence here on earth



“A reason for being; the thing that gets you up in the morning”


How can I find my Ikigai?

It starts with finding the answers to the following questions:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. What do I love doing, or what am I passionate about?
  3. What the world needs?
  4. Can I be paid for questions 1 and 2?


Here's a diagram to help you visualize

In order to be in alignment with our Ikigai, we must be able to define these four aspects and keep them in balance. For many people, they have not yet discovered all the answers, or know how to harmoniously accomplish them. That's where Ikigai comes in! 

How can I apply Ikigai to my life?

This beautiful concept will act as a compass to help you navigate through situations and make better decisions in life. This journey entails a lot of self-reflection, but it is well worth diving deep down for. If you encounter a roadblock, ask yourself if this decision will help get you closer to your Ikigai. Once you have your answer you'll know what to do from there!

Knowing your Ikigai will not only help you live a more fulfilling and happy life, but it will also improve you self-worth and confidence when you stay in alignment with it, which can result in amazing new opportunities. 

The 10 rules of Ikigai

  1. Stay active and don’t retire
  2. Take it slow
  3. Only eat until you’re 80% full
  4. Surround yourself will good friends
  5. Stay in shape
  6. Always smile
  7. Reconnect with nature
  8. Be grateful for things that brighten your day
  9. Live in the moment
  10. Follow your Ikigai

It really doesn't have to be complicated either! Use this concept as a tool and remember not to stress about it (that would be very un-Ikigai of you)! 

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