Here's how hugging trees can make you happier

When you hear the term “tree-hugger” you probably think of someone who is deeply passionate about nature, or as it’s defined in the dictionary: an environmental campaigner. However you look at it, tree-huggers are real people who might have the answers to seriously improving health and happiness!  

Prioritizing your mental well-being is so important right now given the impacts of COVID-19 and the new restrictions that follow have kept us lonely, cooped up inside and unable to socialize. We may not be able to control what is going on in the world around us, but we can improve our response and mood with simple choices and activities. 

Have you ever hugged a tree? 

If not, I highly suggest you try it because hugging trees can genuinely improve your health and your mood instantly! And experts say it should be taken seriously. In fact, public health records have stated “access to nature can significantly contribute to our mental and capital wellbeing.” In addition to the numerous studies which have also shown that nature as a direct link to alleviating depression and improving memory. Which goes without saying, maybe it’s time we all slow down in our fast-paced lives and reconnect with nature to improve our overall well-being.  

So, how can a tree make you happy?

It's not actually as complex as you might think! When we hug a tree, increased  amounts of dopamine and oxytocin are produced in the body; these are the hormones that give us those feel-good, happy, and calming vibes.

And let’s be honest, everyone could use some good vibes right now! Its been said nature has given us these forests as free space to heal ourselves holistically, and if you can't find the answers elsewhere.. maybe it's time to get back to mother nature.

There is something that makes you feel amazing when walking through a forest filled with lush trees, maybe for you it's the quiet zen-like atmosphere or the fresh smell of the woods. Whatever gives you that "ahhh" moment, just know nature intended us to feel that way for a logical reason. It really is a known fact that hugging trees is good for your health! Countless studies have shown that connecting with nature is associated with wide-range of health benefits due to the physiological effect it has on our immune system. Which leads us to wonder: if walking through a forest is so beneficial to our health, tree hugging must be equally as good to our health?    

How to hug a tree 

  1. Choose any tree that you’re catches your attention
  2. Hug the tree as tight as you wish
  3. Don’t rush it take your time
  4. Start instantly reaping all the benefits
  5. Repeat as many time as you like

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