The Law of Vibration

Everything within our universe is in constant motion, there is no way to stop time. All matter exists on its own unique vibrational level and because of this, no two things are the same. This Law of Vibration is one of the twelve spiritual laws of the universe, which states anything that exists within our universe that is seen or unseen to the eye exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. 

All matter possesses its own unique vibration that exists within the universe, from light, heat and electricity to flowers, animals and furniture. Vibrations are measured on a frequency scale from low-to-high. All matter is composed of two things: energy and empty space, essentially the solidity of any single form of matter is made up by the vibration of energy including humans, hence the denser the object the higher the vibration. 

I’m sure you've heard the term “like attracts like” well, that philosophy goes for your thoughts and feelings on a vibrational level too! The thoughts, feelings and actions we choose also have their own particular rates of vibration. These vibrations will set up resonance with whatever possesses identical frequency. Meaning that your feelings and thoughts on a vibrational level will harmoniously attract more of the same thinking, which confirms how connected we truly are to the entire universe. With that being said, your feelings dictate your current vibration so try and put this to the test by becoming more aware of these things going on inside your head and improve your thoughts. As you start thinking more positively, you will attract more positivity and happiness in your life simply by their vibrations. So keep those vibrations high with good, healthy thoughts!

According to Laws of the Universe, "if you consider that standpoint from the metaphysical view, the whole universe “is mind” and in turn, your vibrations affect everything around you. From your environment, the people and animals around you, the inanimate objects, even the seemingly ‘empty’ space which in turn, affects you."      

Vibrations don’t impact us alone though, they also affect the people who surround us too, as both the positive and negative vibrations we send correspond with others and in turn they create similar vibrations. Which goes without saying we all have the power to choose what we want to attract in our life to create harmony. It’s essential to identify and prioritize your thoughts and feelings just as you would a healthy diet, or physical activity. The combination of a positive mindset in addition to physical wellbeing and other healthy choices will help to create the right balance for optimal wellness inside and out. 

The takeaway

  • Your vibrations and the ones that surround you matter and they’re always in motion 

  • All matter within the universe possess its own unique vibrational frequency and no two things are identical  

  • The philosophy like attracts like applies to vibrational frequencies, therefore be mindful of your thoughts and feelings  

  • The goal is to keep vibrations as high as possible which means more positive thoughts and feelings each day    

    How you vibrate

    is what the universe

    echos back to you

    in every moment


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