What is Hollow Earth Theory?

Hollow earth theory is exactly as it sounds: a belief that earth is entirely hollow, containing substantial interior space at the core. Meaning that humans live on the outside surface around this so-called hollow planet. 

Although it may sound science fiction, where did it all come from? This theory was first suggested by Edmond Halley in the 17th century and has since been disproved, however there are a large number of people (including scientists) who still believe it to be true, and have claimed strange happenings trying to discover it. In addition to these beliefs, there have recently been reports of leaked never-before-seen video footage of this apparent hole in the earth.

Throughout ancient times folklore and mythology argued the concept of subterranean land inside the earth. From then, many theories surfaced regarding what was hiding inside, which is still talked about today. A few common ideas include that this space is where afterlife takes place such as Greek underworld, Christian Hell and Jewish Sheol. Hollow earth is also recognized in Tibetian Buddihst beliefs, as per their traditions which claim there is an ancient city inside the earth’s core called Shamballa. This theory has been widely mentioned throughout the centuries in religious mythology, although some of these early beliefs were simply metaphorical. 

If the earth is hollow, what’s believed to live inside? Well that depends on who you ask, as previously mentioned, the ancient Greeks considered this space the dark “underworld” filled with dead souls, whereas present day hollow earth conspiracy believers claim there is a paradise at the center of the earth where superior alien lifeforms live. Who are we to say what’s true or false? But if you ask modern science, the earth is “unbroken” and solid to the core, therefore this theory simply isn’t possible. So how can the mysterious video footage spotlighting this hole in the earth be explained then? Unfortunately as of right now there’s no explanation, since the government has allegedly covered up this evidence. However, since the leaked footage people are claiming that NASA is hiding the secret hole which supposedly leads directly to the center of the earth.

This information may in turn may cause people to believe something bigger is really going on down there, but if there is, why does it have to be hidden from the public? One psychologist reported on the matter if this theory was found to be true -- “this would be quite a paradigm shift. History would change in a very major way.” going on to say it would be “profoundly humbling.” Given all the information we currently have, it's fair to say leave it up to your imagination! We are still learning and making new discoveries each day, so who knows what will be found next? As I like to say, never say never!

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