The productivity hack to help you get more done


With mid-January creeping up on us, many are determined to stay on track with their New Year’s resolutions. Although the intent is there, sometimes you just hit a wall with those resolutions, if you’re currently dealing with this and in search of a new habit to effectively boost productivity, look no further!  

This proven hack is a simple, yet innovative way to clear out smaller distractions so you can be attentive to your bigger priorities. Say hello to the best kept productivity secret: the 2-minute rule! They say a habit is life changing, it can make or break you, but let me assure you this one will make you. 

What exactly is the 2-minute rule?

James Clear Author of Atomic Habits, came up with a brilliant rule to stop procrastination and get you back on track. The best part? It’s really simple. This hack is intended to be used on small tasks in 2 minutes or less, and the idea is, if an easy task you need to complete comes to mind, you should just do it! Don’t overthink it, actually don’t think about it at all.. And certainly don’t add it to your todo list, that will just take up more wasted time and energy than if you had just simply performed the task at hand. This concept is so easy to achieve, you don't even need to think twice, just take action and over time these actions will equate to increased productivity. 

So, as you see, this rule can help you get through the small tasks quickly, and as a result you will feel more productive and motivated. And by applying this to new habits, or small priorities it will in turn help declutter your brain, so you can perform better and focus on bigger things that need your full attention. If you're ready to take the next step, then it's time to change your mindset on small tasks to “deal with it now” not “deal with it later.” 

How to incorporate this rule into your life

Let’s say you want to take up reading, start by reading a few pages of a book each day (2 minutes or less), at first it may not seem like a lot, but eventually you will be inclined to read more than a few pages per day, which is a huge sign of progress and before you know it the book is finished. Take advantage of the small windows of time in your day with this rule, whether it’s replying to a few emails, or simply taking out the overflowing trash – just do it, you’ll thank yourself later! Eventually you’ll be able to form a healthy “don’t think just do it” mentality when it comes to these minor things, but a habit is something you have to consistently practice every single day. This theory can literally be applied to any habit, and in no time you’ve turned something that maybe once seemed like a chore into an accomplishment. 

Trust me it gets easier the more you do it, and it helps you feel super accomplished! We feel motivated when we accomplish something, no matter how big or small that accomplishment is, it manifests as an achievement and motivates us to do more, and do better in life.  

Final thoughts

Practice this daily to develop healthy habits, remember to use the “deal with it now” state of mind and keep in mind how important it is to value the entire journey you’re on to make positive changes in your life, not just the final outcome of it.

“A habit can make us or break us”

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