Using crystals for energy healing

Crystals withhold magical powers that are so influential ancient civilizations and healers such as Buddhists would use them as a form of medicine. Fast forward: crystals are still widely seen and used today by healers, metaphysicians and many other people for energy, healing, protecting and other purposes.

These mystical stones contain their own unique energies and vibrations, thus making them powerful conduits for both harnessing energy and healing. Here are just some of the many reasons people like to use them:


  • Balance Emotional Wellness 
  • Protect & Offer Safety
  • Restore Energy Fields
  • Promote Healing
  • Better Sleep
  • Chakra Healing

It is no wonder we are starting to see all types of people using them, including artists, A-list celebs and the like! Another popular crystal trend showing up in homes all over the globe is displaying (and showing off) large, precious crystals inside the home like a piece of art. Once popularized by The Hills star Spencer Pratt, crystals are now popping up just about everywhere and for good reason! It might be time for you to jump on the bandwagon and see what all of these magical healing benefits are about.   

How crystal healing works

Crystals are intended to be used across three aspects of the body, mind and soul. Their superpowers help us tap into energy fields and alter the flow of energy to the body, therefore breaking any blocks within the chakras system and increasing the flow of energy to rebalance and promote healing in the body.  

Common crystals used for healing

  • Clear quartz: the master healer of stones that amplifies energy and rebalances 
  • Rose quartz: the stone of love and compassion
  • Moonstone: the stone of lowering emotional tension 
  • Citrine: the stone of positive vibes and energy  
  • Amethyst: the stone of stress and mood relief 
  • Pyrite: the stone of protection and safety  
  • Tiger’s eye: the stone of confidence 

Each crystal has its own associated properties to help balance the body and manifest one’s intentions. They can be worn as jewelry, carried around in a pouch, or displayed in one’s home or office.

3 easy steps to harvesting crystal energy

  1. Identify what you need to work on then choose a stone accordingly.
  2. Once you choose your crystal, cleanse it from any potential negative energy: this step is important so click here to learn how. 
  3. Set an intention and encourage your mind, body and spirit it can be done: hold your crystal over the area you would like to heal and meditate with your intention.  

The takeaway 

Crystals are beautiful and mighty little pieces of nature, but they aren’t going to solve all your problems, you still have to put in work! They’re simply meant to be used as a tool to help you reach deeper layers within yourself, you must also believe in their powers and trust them too. Using crystals will promote the flow of good energy and vibrations, so choose your crystals wisely! Look for one that aligns with your intentions to help balance the areas of your life that really need improvement; Google is a great tool for identifying different types of crystals and their uses. Added bonus: try wearing your favourite crystal or keeping it on your nightstand for longer healing benefits!  

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