The beauty of supporting small business

There is beauty in owning, operating or choosing to shop at a small business; it provides passionate entrepreneurs an opportunity and the freedom to create jobs they love within the community. Did you know, small businesses are actually a big business in the United States? They account for nearly three quarters of the businesses operating since 2014, according to the Small Business Administration and employed 48% of the private workforce as of 2015. However, up to 50% of small businesses fail by the end of their fifth year, and those numbers are only getting worse due to the current global health crisis. 

We need to support small businesses now more than ever! Owners have been hit especially hard by these new safety measures, which has led many businesses to permanently close their doors. These unforeseen events make it more important than ever to help keep our communities connected and thriving, and remember -- you can still support small while social distancing or shopping online!

We may not think about it often, but these small businesses are present in our everyday lives, just take a look at the shops around your local community. What would life be like without all of your local favourites? You know that little coffee shop you frequent, or go-to family owned authentic restaurant.

Your favourite small businesses help foster local economies! We all have a choice right now, as individuals and communities to protect our beloved small businesses and taking the right steps starts with you! Hence why shopping small has such a positive impact, and who knows maybe you’ll discover an amazing new spot! 

There is no comparison when it comes to small business owners versus corporate! Small businesses work hard to keep them alive and when you’re small every customer matters, unlike the big guys. They’re truly passionate about what they do, committed and work hard. And of course, customer service is more personalized because they truly care about and cherish their customers. Shopping small also creates more opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the amazing people in your community or online. 

For all these great reasons and more, it’s hard to imagine why small businesses are overlooked! Get ready to shop small and help further support your favourites with these 5 easy tips: 

5 tips to helping support small business amid the pandemic 

  1. Follow, like, tag friends & comment on their social
  2. Share, repost and retweet their posts 
  3. Leave a positive review 
  4. Refer them to friends 
  5. Pay full price 

The takeaway

We all have a choice and it’s the choices we make that paint our future. Small businesses play an integral role within local communities across the globe and it’s now more important than ever to keep them alive. By choosing to shop small more often will help protect our local communities, entrepreneurs and jobs! 

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