Secret's hidden within our eyes

What do your eyes really say about you? Did you know they can withhold secrets that you may not know about! Its been said that eyes are the glossy gateway to our soul and that each eye colour can reveal different physical health and personality traits.

Recent research has connected different aspects that your eyes may reveal about your health to get you thinking about your vision in regards to your wellbeing. I will be highlighting the most common mental and physical factors:   

  • Emotional Stress 

  • Did you know that chronic stress can put you at risk for central serous retinopathy? This is a serious eye condition in which fluid accumulates underneath the retina, causing detachment and vision loss. Common symptoms are blisters in your eyes or problems focusing. Try meditation or taking a hot bath to induce more relaxation!   

  • Depression

  • A review of the science literature has revealed a link between vision loss and depression. If you suffer from depression and have noticed a change in your vision it is highly recommended you visit an Optometrist. Vitamin D and fish oil are both great supplements to reduce symptoms and even treat depression.      

  • Cancer

  • People with lighter coloured eyes such as blue or green, you are at higher risk for developing different types of ocular cancer. This is due to the melanion levels in lighter eyes, therefore it’s important to always wear UV eye protection when you’re outside!

  • Diabetes

  • Leaky blood vessels in your eyes may indicate that you are pre-diabetic or are suffering from diabetes. This disease can cause permanent vision damage if left unchecked, so be sure to go to see your Optometrist every two years to protect your vision! 

    Most people don’t consider the relationship between their eyes and internal health, that’s why it’s important to have regular checkups with your Optometrist. Especially if you have any sudden changes in your vision, it is recommended to see an Optometrist once every two years!    

    In addition to your health, your eyes can also say a lot about your personality, meaning that age old cliche statement -- “eyes are the window to your soul” is ironically true! 

    So let’s dive in a learn about what personailty traits are associated with our mysterious eye colours according to 7th Sense Psychics

    Dark Brown/Black Eyes

    Studies suggest that people with darker coloured eyes tend to be more mysterious and are natural born leaders. The higher melanin levels in dark eyes allow connectors between the brain cells to communicate more efficiently, therefore allowing those to think faster! 

    Hazel Eyes

    Considered as the most unique of the bunch, the gorgeous combination of brown and green usually mean their personalities are all over the place coming off as a spontaneous, independent and confident person. 

    Blue Eyes

    Blue eyed beauties tend to be both strong minded and physically strong, studies have even shown that women with lighter eyes can tolerate childbirth pain much better than those with darker eyes.

    Green Eyes

    One of the rarest coloured eyes of them all! Those with green eyes are said to be charming, creative, dominant, but agreeable and can do very well under pressure. People with green eyes are typically viewed as alluring and sexy, so thank your lucky stars if you were one of the few to be blessed with such a beautiful eye colour!      


    “Behind the most beautiful eyes,
     lay secrets deeper and darker
    than the mysterious sea.”


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